Jacob Tufts

About Me

I see myself as someone that excels in problem solving and troubleshooting, i find it both simple and natural to me. I can easily handle scenarios where I must decompose issues to work towards finding a solution, even whilst leading a team.

I’ve been programming for years now and I’m fluent in Python and JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS; This is supported by a working knowledge of NoSQL, SQL3 and a whole host of various frameworks, APIs, and Modules.

I have just started a software engineering apprenticeship with Paypoint where I will work with C# and the Azure cloud.

What I Value

I value getting to spend time with my family and doing things that I enjoy. My hobbies are very important to me, and I love getting to spend time soldering, and creating new electronic circuits or photographing abandoned buildings with friends.

I make sure to spend plenty of time with my new-born son (he’s on me whilst I write this) so that I can create a long lasting bond with him.

What I Don't Have Patience For

I don’t have patience for people who have unrealistic expectations. It is always good to set a challenge and work as hard as you can. However being held to standards you cannot yet achieve is very unfair and can leave you feeling unmotivated. You will never get the boost that comes from succeeding in something such as completing a project or learning a new skill. You should always be able to work at the level you feel comfortable at.

How To Communicate With Me

I prefer to be contacted over email, it keeps everything professional in one organised place, without having to search amongst different chat apps. I prefer a non-formal style of email, but will do whatever the other person is comfortable with.

How To Help Me

I always like to attack a challenge or task myself before getting help, as sometimes the solution can be found after just persevering through some different methods independently. When I’m struggling, I can be hesitant to ask for help but I will if it seems I won't be able to complete the task.

What People Misunderstand About Me

People can often misunderstand my attitude towards them and think that I have an issue with them, when in fact I am perfectly okay with them. It is often just a case of my mind being elsewhere completely.

16 Personalities Type

Mind - Extraverted - 56%
Energy - Observant - 52%
Nature - Thinking - 76%
Tactice - Prospecting - 63%
Identity - Turbulant - 64%
ESTP Personality Website

My Areas Of Interest

Class66 at station Abandoned bunker Beach at night Woods CCTV on building- Stevenage at night Abandoned railway Abandoned gantry crane jacob Tufts Abandoned building CCTV in London